Menu User Role Configuration

I am creating different menus, and when I add any action the 'User Roles' section is blank. The actions selected all have roles selected, but with 'User Roles' in the menu blank, none of the actions show up for the menu when I run the application. How do I modify the 'User Roles' of a menu or have it pick up on what roles are allowed for different actions?
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if your use role is not showing in the menu items in the navigation you probably did not link the module role to the user role. 


After you've done this, you will have to make sure that the module role has the correct security access to the page or microflow that is used in the navigation.


Hi Ben,

When adding navigation items, Mendix will look at the document and detects which user roles have access to that file.


To show the navigation items for a user you have to make sure that the right user roles are selected on the microflow or page, or other action. Then make sure that the user has the right user roles.

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