Text Area input widget is not giving desired output

Hi, I am trying to use Text Area as an input widget in my application but it is behaving like a text box. I tried different settings of growing automatically or setting number of lines and checked if there is any problem with my layout. Everything looks fine. I have used Text Areas a lot of times in 5 or 6 versions but i am using it first time in version 7.14.1. It is showing it as text box as below can anyone please suggest that what could be the reason. Thanks
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I've had some functionality of the Text Area widget not working for me (counting the amount of characters written in the box). And in the end we contacted Mendix about it.

The reply we received from Mendix mentioned that they were rewriting their widgets and that for the moment you need to 'opt-in' to get the new widgets which DID work as expected for us.

I'm not sure if this will fix your particular issue. Because it's not the same as mine. But you could try the following:

Create a boolean constant named EnableNewTextArea in your project and set it to true.
Then rerun your project which should activate the new widget.

This fixed our issues with the text area widget.