Dynamically Generating UI Controls

Hello We have a requirement. 1. Information about the Field Label / position / length / type of the field (like string , integer , date etc.) coming from the backend. that's means the positioning , type and length vary from field to field. 2. Search Help information (if any) of a particular field is also coming from the backend, and it is possible that one field will be having search help associated with it and another input box do not have search help. All this information will be coming from backend. 3. Table with dynamic columns. The number of fields and the number of columns of table will vary from user to use. For Example. for a one user, the data he/she is getting is 2 input boxes and a table of 3 column , and for another user the data he/she getting to display 3 input boxes and table of five columns in same screen. Can you please help me how can we achieve this kind of dynamic UI in Mendix.   Regards Shanmukha Rao Banisetti
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Sounds like a questionaire structure.

Take a look at the domain model structure of the Questionnaire module in the appstore.