Atlas UI - Login customization based in SASS

Hi there Disclaimer; I am a total newbe when it comes to SASS so please bear with me… Based on Atlas UI 1.1.3 What is the best way to customize this page based on the “atlas-framework”? I would love to change this using SASS (_custom-variables.sass) so I can generate SASS files for different customers and then compile those to produce the css. There doesn’t seem to be a reference between the SASS and the class="loginpage-image". Is there some way i can override this class in SASS? Also; why is lib.css minimalized but not called lib-min.css? Searched the forum for some answers but only find topics of customizing listviews etc.
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You’ll need to use a SASS compiler program like Koala to recompile the stylesheets after you’ve made changes to the _custom-variables.sass, otherwise your customizations will be overwritten the next time you run your project. The steps should be:

  1. Open SASS file with your preferred text editor.
  2. Add customizations and save changes.
  3. In Koala, import your project directory (it will find the scss files automatically.
  4. Look for custom.scss, select it, then click compile in the window that appears on the right.
  5. Re-deploy your project and see changes.


You can add custom css to the _custom-variables file – just make sure to associate the classes with the elements you want the styles on.