Style Names in Mendix (not in the CSS)

  Hello, I’m in the middle of the Expanding your Domain Modeling Skills module, and I’m just wondering what the purpose of a style is (I take it this has nothing to do with a CSS style but rather some sort of internal Mendix naming convention?) How would I know to type pointer-events: auto; cursor: pointer (see image below)? There doesn’t seem to be any type-ahead giving me options, it’s just a textbox – and I’m not sure what it means and how it impacts anything. I’m sure this explained in another learning path, but I have no clue where that would be, so I figure I’ll just ask :) Thank you in advance!
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The style box actually has to do with CSS – it will create inline CSS for your element with the contents of that textbox, it will also add the semicolon at the end if you need it. 

For the purpose of the learning path you can just use inline styling as suggested, of course afterwards you’ll want to rely on classes and SASS when possible.

Hope this helps