Barcode Scanner for Data Grid Search field

Hi all,   I get good mileage out of the Barcode Scanner widget from the appstore. Any ideas how to input to the search field of a data grid from it? I failed to achieve this.   Best   Jakob
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Hello Jakob,   do you mean you would Like to Scan a Barcode and the result should be directly displayed in the search field of an entity?

In that case, Maybe you could try to use the javascript module and put the result in the search field by jscript action.


I would create a separate action for this. After scanning the result process the scanned barcode and use that as input for a microflow where you find the result and present that to the end user.




Maybe I am missing something here but when you scan a barcode with this widget ( the result is a decoded barcode to string. Use this string as the input for your search microflow. So all can be done without javascript. Or am I missing something.


Does not sound to hard to pull off but I have no idea how to start this. Are you aware of a tutorial or example where javascript is used to interact with UI widgets?


Hey all,

i am pretty new to Mendix, i do have the same Problem at least.

I created an Uploader for XML Data and importet my files for the Barcode scanner. (datas are stored in a data grid).

The i created a page, also with da data grid. This includes  the barcodescanner and a list view (Data Source ist connected to a Microflow). Now i can scan my Barcodes and if i got a match the result is shown in the list view. 

Works fine untill now. But now i want to extend my application.

When the Barcode is scaned and i got a match i want to Switch a Boolean from false to true (Deliverd)

Second Question is, how can i use a result of a message box in microflow. (Text inside a message box → store to data grid or whatever)

How can i handle it?

Thanks a lot.