Overlaying warning/error messages over an image at specified points

Hi, I think I’m trying to do something unique here because I haven’t yet come across anything similar in the documentation and forum posts. What I’m trying to do is display warnings and/or errors that are specific to parts in a machine. For example, if a variable exceeds a pre-determined threshold then an event would be created that corresponds to the nature of the error and the specific location in the machine. The way I initially conceptualized this is to treat the image as an array of coordinates. When an event is created it contains those x and y coordinates (in this case, pixels) specific to the part in the machine. I think I could do this in Javascript however Mendix operates a little differently and I’m just searching here for any possible ideas regarding suggestions and/or solutions as to whether this is possible. I’ve attached an example image to visualize what I’m trying to achieve. Thanks in advance for any responses. Andrew
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Hi Andrew,

As an idea that might work:

-  A dataview with an entity for you warnings .

- Set the “machine” image in the css to be the background of your dataview container.

- Place the texts or labels using css or manually on top of the background image.

- You can show your messages in the text either by the the visibility or refresh in client your choice.

- Maybe you can also replace the text with images on top of the Bg and decide to show or hide based on the threshold.

Just a thought.




Hi Sufian,

Thanks for replying so quickly. I’ll try out this in Mendix and post here how it goes. This would definitely be good functionality to have and be able to do in Mendix.