Master/Detail: How to make arrow button functional?

I am using the standard Master/Detail page template (Studio pro beta 2): The list view on the left provides a selection, to which the data view on the right is listening. Clicking on a list view item changes the detail view. So far, so good. However, it does not work when the user clicks on the > Button. Clicking on the button does not propagate to the list view, so the selection does not change. How would one fix the button? I see that the onClick handler in the mendxui immediately calls `stopPropagation` on the event – which explains the observed issue. Using plain JS, I would just not stop propagation. Another solution would be to manually change the selection model in the onClick action. How would one do that? Are there other options? This also seems like a bug in the page template. Should I just wait until it is fixed (where to report)?
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What is there behind the button? I assume you trigger a microflow. That you can debug to see if the correct parameter is filled correctly. If it is not file a bug report to Mendix (