Pages with multiple dataview and multiple entities

Currently a page accepts only one type of object as an input. My application has 3 dataviews on it and all three belongs to different entities. But compiler is asking for passing the object of one type to that page. How to tackle this solution ?
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Are the 3 objects you want to pass through linked in any way? My first thought would be having one data view act as the “parent” that envelopes the entire page and acts as page parameter, associating itself to your 2 others.

Another possible solution could be to create a new, non-persistent entity as your page parameter. Then, in your page, have the three data views use a Microflow data source. Have this DS flow accept parameters from the non-persistent entity, using them to filter from the database and get the objects you need to show.

I’m sure there are more possible solutions, but these are the first two that come to mind for me.