Whole screen floats around

Edit 1: see https://youtu.be/nvnft27spvU for a recording of the issue    Edit 2: additional info Just found out that the issue is caused by setting the padding of layoutGrid1 (the default outer layoutgrid) to 0px. Removing the noPadding class solves the issue, but results in an ugly 15px padding around the home screen as shown below. The issue remains when I set the padding 1px.   Issue appears on Iphone 8 opening the app as URL. ______________________________   Hi all,   I've got a challenge here of something I've never seen before. Take a look at the two picture below.   Picture one shows my homepage on the phone as it should be. However, when I swipe over the screen with my finger, everything but the footer swipes out of position (see picture 2).   I guess something went wrong in the css here. Which champ knows how to undo this change to make everything except for the scroll lists stay in their place on this page?   Thanks for your support!   Cheers,   Paul  
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What does your swipe action do? All that seems to be wrong is that a margin, border or padding is added to at least top and left.