Upgrade to mendix 8

Good day, There are some issues when upgrading from mendix 7 to medix 8 pro, After downloading the latest version of Atlas_UI_Resources, there are tons of errors on related to pages. I was looking a way to resolve them at once but it seems not possible. Any suggestions would help. My project is very big by going on each page, and resolving each widget manually. See the screenshot below.     Kind regards, Jackson
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Hi Jackson,

When updating Atlas UI your current theme, including all changes  are moved to a theme_old folder. This means when you have any custom design properties which are used in your project these are no longer available. This is why you get the error CE6083 mentioning the missing design property.

When I look at the screenshot it shows the Position and Spacing bottom large design properties are applied to a variety of widgets but are not available in your current theme. You should move these design properties from settings.json of your theme_old folder to the settings.json in your theme folder.

For documentation on this topic see https://docs.mendix.com/refguide/migration-atlas#2-integrating-the-old-theme-folder-into-the-new-one

Kind regards,