overflow : scroll CSS on the HTML element in Mendix 8

In Mendix 8 I’m seeing this HTML element for all pages <html class="dj_webkit dj_chrome dj_contentbox" lang="es-MX" style="overflow: scroll;"> So all pages have scroll bars even when not necessary. Is anyone else seeing that and if so how do I change it? I tried editing the index.html in my theme (I don’t want to edit the theme but I will if I have to), but Mendix is overwriting my change and changing the overflow back to scroll. Does anyone have any idea why Mendix has done this, it makes no sense?
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I had that one too, I had a feedback widget for the wrong Mendix version. Try downloading different Mx8 versions of the feedback widget, maybe I did have the latest and it had an issue. Or take the one in the Native Mobile Starter app, by creating a project from that starting point.