ATS Wont click button inside popup outside of view

I've got a popup that is probably a bit lengthy and the confirmation to save it is outside the view, only reachable by scrolling. ATS seems to not find it, even when using the FindWidget function.  Is the problem related to ATS not scrolling and therefor not able to click or could there perhaps be a different problem for it not clicking the button?  
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Hi Sander,

Can you share the error messages that you get as well as your test  configuration (browser, platform and selenium hub)? ATS is supposed to scroll to an element if it is not in the viewport before clicking. This might not be working as expected in the case with a popup that needs to be scrolled horizontally. However, what strikes me as odd is that FindWidget does not work. For FindWidget to work the element does not need to be in the viewport.




Probably ATS not being able.

But would question having a popup with a length scroll in the first place. If ATS cannot scroll; would a human user like to scroll?