UI in my app looks terrible after migration to Mendix 8.0.0

Hi all, I have downloaded the recent Mendix Modeler (Version 8.0.0) and converted my project Siemens MindSphere Asset Pump example (including Mindsphere UI resources) that was originally created with Desktop Modeler 7.23.7 Now I have severe issues with UI. For example the navigation layout is no longer working and the app lokks really bad. I have only found an instruction to migrate Atlas UI but couln´t figure out what to do regarding Mindsphere UI package.   Thank you in advance.
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Version 8.0.0 comes with several styling breaking changes. Therefore the old MindSphere Theme is no longer working 100% correct, the same with the starter applications e.g. MindSphere Asset Pump example.

The MindSphere team is currently working to publish new versions in the Mendix App store which are fully compatible with the new styling behavior from V8.0.0.

Check the App Store on regular base, should come soon.