How to update widget properties at runtime?

Hi Team, Can anyone help in updating a widget properties at runtime..? For example, I have a button on page with text ‘Next’. In a microflow, I want to retrieve that widget and update the text to ‘Submit’. Can this be done..? Thanks Srinivas Namani
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Hello Srinivas,

From the Modeller you cannot directly control widgets, but what you can do is:

  1. Add an attribute property in your widget
  2. Use the attribute in your widget’s JS to initialise/update the button caption
  3. Subscribe to attribute changes in JS
  4. Create an attribute, select it for the widget and update it in your app when you want to change the button caption

Hope this helps


You can use a HTMLSnippet in JS mode for this, use dijit.byNode(dojo.query(“SOMESELECTOR”)[0]) and then roll from it all the time