Change color scheme and mx logo

I would like to change the “mx” logo in the top navbar to be a different image and I would also like to change the project color scheme from blue to red.   Thanks!
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Hi Megan, are you using Mendix Studio or Mendix Studio Pro? In Mendix Studio it’s relatively easy to do:

In Studio click on the paint brush in the left side menu.

This will open the theme customizer.

In the theme customizer you can update the logo and the primary colors for your app.

If you are using Studio Pro, you will need to update the Atlas UI templates in the App Store Modules folder of the project explorer. This takes a little bit more than a forum post to answer. If the latter, let me know and I’ll try to whip something together.




I am using Mendix Studio Pro but I believe I can maybe open it in the browser and make the changes using Mendix Studio?



update: I tried to open with Mendix studio in browser – I was not successful so I would appreciate instructions for Studio Pro. Thanks again.


Hi Megan,

to change the colour scheme, you'll have to edit the sass files. You can find the sassfile in the following location:

C:\Mendix\{application folder}\theme\styles\web\sass\core\_variables.scss

The image in the navbar can be changed in Studio Pro by adjusting the image in the layout.


How to setup sass: