Change background color of selected item in list

Hello, please, how can I change background color of selected line of datagrid? Currently the layout is white and selected line is really light gray that is not visible at all. Is there any easy way how to define that in Style section? Thank you
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The selected line is indeed not distinctive enough. Changing it should be done in the sass file \theme\styles\sass\custom. Here is the code I now use in Mx version 8. You might need a different selector in lower versions:

.mx-grid tr.selected{
    background-color: "#FFFFFF" ; // set it to the color of your choice
    border: 5px solid #EFF23A; //Gives a border, which IMHO is pretty.

Then generate your sass files, the way you always do. If unfamiliar, just go to the project directory commandline, go to /theme/styles/ and start the sass listener:

sass --watch sass:css



Hello Martin,

You should change the SASS/CSS of your app instead of using the style section.

The style section is just meant for inline styles.

Here’s where you’ll find Mx documentation on styling: 

Hope this helps 


Hello Martin,

An other option you could try is the following widget:

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Hello all, thank you for your answers, I really appreciate your willingness to help.

First of all, I’m not a programmer and I’m just testing a possiblitities of MDX as RAD platform. So I was expecting that formatting such as background color setting, font setting will be easy in studio PRO. I was wrong so I’m now bothering you. Sorry for that. 

“generate your sass files, the way you always do” – I have never did that – is there any tutorial for dummies?

I don’t have \sass\custom folder in my project folder:

Any tips how to get them?

Thank you