How to use multiple styling for a single mobile native Application ?

Hi all, I am trying to build one native mobile application ,which can be compatible with multiple UI styles,so it can select  a style or switch to another style during the package build. 1.Is it possible to use multiple version of custom-variables.js file for single application? 2.Is it configurable from Project setting Theme option(Using UI resource package or Theme ZIP file) ?Currenlly the default selection is Atlas_UI_resources? 3.If option 1 and 2 is possible,then can we use feature toggle concept to pick up the preferred UI file while building the package? I am using mendix modeler 8.2.1. Thanks in advance.  
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Hi Banani,

As far as I am aware, I don't think it is possible to be use more than one version of custom-variables.js file as of now.

If you want to use different styles for different deployment packages then I think you have to create multiple theme zip files and select the required one and commit before creating deployment package. 


There are multiple app store widgets allthough currently not yet for Mx 8 but you could give them a try to see if they still work: