Multiple Charts based on the Data Grid multi row selection

Hi Team,  Is it possible to create Multiple Charts dynamically based on the number of rows selected on datagrid  dynamically. If so could you please help me how to acheive this functionality. Thanks in Advance!!
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sure, a way is:

1 – add a layout grid consisting of 3 parts of width:4

2 – place in the left one the datagrid

3a - add in middle part of layout a data view listening to the data grid

3b - add a chart widget, specify the data source microflow in the chart widget (and other widget set up specs), wherein you can use the data view object (by adding it as a parameter) -listened from the datagrid-

By selecting another item of the data grid, the data view object should reload, and trigger the chart widget to reload from the datasource microflow with the new listened object of the data grid.

4 – do the same in the right part, wherein you can use another datasoure microflow with the same listened object of the data grid for another chart widget rendering