rendering issue - mx 7.23 - IE https only

Hello all, We are facing an issue where the users don't see the pagination buttons (next, previous, first, last) in datagrids. (check image below), But this seems only a rendering issue because if we click the white space it works and changes page. This only happens in the IE browser and only when using https (http works fine) Mendix version 7.23.8 Could you please help us understand and fix this issue, Many thanks in advance, Adrian
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check this element on bootstrap “Pseudo::before element” .glyphicon-forward:before {content: XXXX;} when you inspect element.

there is a bug in Internet Explorer which causes webfonts not to render under certain cache-control situations.

If the server is sending the header Pragma: no-cache and/or Cache-Control no-store, this will cause IE to fail to render the glyphs.