Data fields are disabled upon deployment

Hi All, The data fields are disabled upon deployment when selected the attribute from the attribute path. Please have a look at the image below. The datamodel looks something like this  The ProjectAttributes is one Project which has to be associated to multiple elements like (BP_Attributes, RF_Attrinutes etc) Upon configuring the text field by specifying the attribute path, the field gets disabled after deployment. Kindly assist me understand the cause for this and also would be more than happy to receive additional inputs regarding the datamodel.   Regards Anirudh    
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When the field is disabled it means that the object is not there. Make sure that you create the object attach it through the reference before you show the page.





Hi Ronald,


As visible in the figure, in order to make the data fields editable, I have used the many to one function between BP_Attributes and ProjectAttributes (where project attributes is a superficial entity having other entities as its elements).

As you also can see, I have changed the direction of association for the BP_Attributes. But when configuring the attributes on the page, I dont see the association for (BP_Attributes_ProjectAttributes). However, the other entities are visible in the attribute (path) of the data source.


This situation persists even after changing the Association type to reference.


Kindly assist.





An association is a possible relation within Mendix Thus by creating a ProjectAttribute object doesn't result in an BP_Attribute object.

you need to create that object as well and set the association be tween the 2 objects