Configuring Steps wizard to a selected row in the data grid

Hi All,   I am trying to configure the steps wizard to a selected row in the data grid in order to represent the number of steps completed for the selected row.   I will explain the situation step by step for clear understanding.   From the screenshot below, i have just placed a steps wizard outside the data grid and named them as per the sequential steps. When a project row is selected in the data grid, the user needs to be notified with the number of steps completed as a part of the review for the selected project based on the entries saved under each step (tab).     Every project contains the following tabs as in the screenshot below (highlighted in yellow)     The step color (in the steps wizard) should change once an entry is made for every specific tab which has its own attributes (a specific page is displayed for each tab where attribute fields are filled by the user).   In the current configuration, the Steps wizard is placed outside the data grid as I am unable to place it inside and hence I am not able to configure the entity for it. What can be the configuration for this situation? Kindly assist. I can provide more details for clarification if needed.
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I think you could solve this with using a dataview that has a listen to function set to the datagrid. Place your buttons in the dataview. Now the dataview is populated by the object of the selected row, and you could use your status attributes/enum on your selected object to show the appropriate image. You would problably have  multiple versions of the same image and combined with visibiltiy show the to-do one, active or visited. Each button could then go to a different page, with your selected row object as input parameter.