Custom SASS files

Hi, I’m working in Mendix 8 and looking at making some cusotm UI changes.  I’m following the guide and it’s fine until Step four where the folders being referred are different from the project folders.  The guide says to open custom.scss from  {project name} > theme > styles > web > sass, However, my project has the strutre of  theme > styles > web > sass > app. It is in side this ‘app’ folder where I find the custom.scss files.   Is this where I should be adding my custom scss files?  If I need to change things like helpers, do I copy them from the Core folder into the App folder and work in there?   Or do I need to create a custom folder inside the sass folder and put everything in there?   Cheers 
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The app folder should be fine. However, if you are working with many custom scss files, you can create folders under app.