File upload popup is not responding if my file size is more than maximum file size

When i’m trying to upload a file with more than maximum file size, Popup is not responding and no buttons are working. either Cancel or Import. PFA screen shot for reference.   When i put a trace logging, I see below logging Jetty trace: “Ignored idle endpoint {} - SocketChannelEndPoint@4ca4ce84{/<->/,OSHUT,fill=FI,flush=-,to=0/30000}{io=1/1,kio=1,kro=1}->HttpConnection@68864ce1[p=HttpParser{s=CLOSE,0 of -1},g=HttpGenerator@e00e26b{s=START}]=>HttpChannelOverHttp@2ab85e19{r=1,c=false,a=IDLE,uri=null,age=0} “   According to UI configuration, system has to throw a validation message as below: “The size of the selected file ({1}MB) is too large to attach. File size cannot be more than {2}MB.”     And this issue is happening on all the file-upload popup’s through out the application.   Do anybody have idea on this?   Below is the fileManager Configuration:
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The size of the upload is set in your model. See the documentation here: