heroheader-title over heroheader-background image

I am starting to feel that Atlas is on a personal vendetta against me.  Let me explain: In my 3 day attempt of getting a hero title to superimpose on a hero image I decided to copy Mendix’ prototype Event Management project design to my project.  All the elements came over except their image.  Upon the replacing their image with mine the old problem repeated itself of the title appearing underneath the image rather than over it.   There design consist of a Heading, class heroheader-title text-white inside 3 containers, of render mode Div The first level up container of common class container.  The next level up container of common class heroheader-content text-center.  The final and outer level container of common class heroheader heroheader-landing o-hidden. Inside the heroheader heroheader-landing o-hidden class layer there is a jpg picture of common class heroheader-background h-100 w-100 with resulting design class of filter-dark fit-cover op-center-bottom. Now when I copied this over the above listed design came over, except for the image which was in a local image folder.  BUT, when I replaced with image from my local folder the text would no longer super-impose over the image. Hero text over hero images should be such a basic thing, yet this has consumed me now for 3 days.  I need help!               
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