Listview show more does not work on safari

Hi, I’m making a chat module and implemented the listview with column-reverse so the messages are shown from bottom to top. With additional css properties the listview is shown upside down with the load more button on top. However when you tap the more button, the listview is greyed out. If you tap the screen to scroll, then the results immediately appear like they're already there.  Any tricks to repaint the screen on load more or? Edit: I’m not able (yet) to create a workaround, it’s probably related to webkit overflow scrolling on ios. If you open the page in safari browser on a mac, then paging works properly. 
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I would submit this as a bug to the mendix so they can get this fixed.


I am not sure what your use case is, but as long as the amount of data you have is not too large, you could increase the number of rows that you show to make sure it will include all of the data you need.