React Native Wheel Picker

I designed a hybrid phone app and want to add a wheel picker that shows the contents of an entity, see the picture below.  This element is based on a react-native-wheel-picker. See It should work cross-platform.  How would I go about creating this, is this possible using standard Mendix plugins or should we create a custom widget and if so; what are the basic steps in accomplishing and incorporating this.  
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Hi Sven,

This does indeed seem like a great use case for a custom widget. I love the look of the wheel for selecting an item from a list. Your widget would likely operate on a Mendix enumeration or a reference set, such that the option you select from the wheel fills that value.

I would suggest to start with this article, which gives an overview of what you need- and how- to create a react native custom widget (called a “Pluggable Native Widget” – as opposed to “Pluggable Web Widget”)

For any deeper questions about the native widget API, you can have a look here: which is a nice overview to the types of settings that you can configure in your pluggable native widget.

I hope this helps you get started, and I look forward to seeing what you make!