Pick a color for selected object on a list view

Hi, Does anyone have an idea on how to change the color of a selected object on a list view? The default color for a selected object on my list view is a blueish grey as shown in the attached figure. Do I “force” the color change in the class field or in the style field on the properties of my list view? Thank you for your help.
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Best way to do this is changing it in the correct sass file. In your theme folder there is a file called variables.scss, it has a variable called: $grid-bg-selected

By changing this you will change the selection color.


Hi Miquel,

You can create a new scss file with new class defined and Add the new class name in the list view  then import the same scss file in custom.scss file. Then compile the custom.scss file using koala complier.This will help you to achieve it 


Hi Stella,
Is there not a quicker/easier way to do this through the properties->appearance->Class/Style of the list view?
For example, I can easily overwrite the color of the font in my list view by adding in the Style field: color: red; As can be seen in the attached figure. In my case, I want to overwrite the color of the selected object.

Thank you.