SAML module default to SSO from Atlas UI

I’ve finally got single sign on working against Azure AD and now want it to be the default login for the app (not the default Mendix login page). The instructions state “When you would like to redirect to '/SSO/' directly from your index.html page by adding '<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;URL=/SSO/" />', you don't want to end up on 'index.html' again. “ I can’t find any reference to editing html files in Atlas UI themes... so what mechanism do we user to achieve the same result?  or is there some other way to define or edit the index.html file after deployment. Note: this is deployed to the Mendix cloud.  
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If you open your project directory in explorer, you will see a theme folder. In this theme folder is the index.html that you will need to edit. This doesn’t have anything to do with AtlasUI.

You can't edit the index.html file once you have deployed in the Mendix cloud: this must be done before you create a deployment package.