Directory of Custom CSS

Hi – To apply custom CSS through a compiler, I assume I look for the SASS folder, find the _custom.scss file, inject my custom CSS there, and compile it. Is there a way to verify I am using the right file and directory for my custom CSS code? Because none of it is taking after compile, even with my specifying !important in the custom CSS.
1 answers
  1. make sure you are in the correct project directory. In MendixStudioPro click project->project directory, guess you've done that.
  2. Make sure the _custom.scss has been compiled. ‘sass --watch sass:css’ will do the trick.
  3. Make sure the compiled CSS is deployed to your deployment directory. Pressing F5 in MendixStudioPro will do that for you

Another option is to use gulp of calypso, which will do 2 and 3 automatically.

To check in the browser if the new css is used, use the inspector (F12), tab ‘Sources’ and check http://localhost:8080/styles/web/css/main.css?637147240541340220. It is your css on one line, but with Find you can look for your latest addition.