Update Atlas UI to version 2.4

Hey all! How can I update my Atlas UI to version 2.4? I getting a error for Layout Grid on my native page…. I already went to the app store and installed: But no succes… I do understand 2.4 is not yet available but my coworker that created the project is able to ad them... Thanks!
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Could it be that it is the problem described in the release notes here: https://docs.mendix.com/releasenotes/studio-pro/8.5#850

There is an issue with deployment when you use the new layout grid for web or native pages. This occurs only when using the combination of Mendix Studio Pro 8.5.0 and Atlas UI Resources 2.4.0 (to check your Atlas UI version, consult the Atlas UI Resources module in your app in Studio Pro). This will be fixed in Mendix Studio Pro 8.6.0.

  • Workaround: If you do not need to use the new layout grid, you can downgrade the Atlas UI Resources module in your app to version 2.3.1. However, doing this means you will not be able to use the new layout grid. Please note this cannot be fixed in Studio – you have to use Studio Pro.

It is a known issue that will be solved in Mx8.6.





I’m using Mendix Studio Pro 8.7.0 and Atlas UI 2.5.3, but the error “Please update Atlas UI to version 2.4 or higher to user Layout Grid on Native pages” still occurs. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.