Conditional styling based on entity

What’s the recommended way to style an element based on an entity’s attribute in Mendix? For instance, let’s say I have a list of Trucks in a List View widget, where each truck has two attributes: Name (String) and NeedsMaintenance (Boolean). I want to, say, set the background color of the Name text box for each truck to either green (NeedsMaintenance=False) or red (NeedsMaintenance=True). Looking through the forums, the answers I’ve found are: Create copies of the element with different CSS classes, and use a Visibility expression to show/hide the elements based on NeedsMaintenance. This approach is just asking for trouble, IMO. Resort to things like Custom Strings and/or Javascript Snippet/HTML Snippet/Javascript Action. This feels hacky and overkill for such a common (I think?) problem, especially given the “Low-code” promise of Mendix. Am I missing something?
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Currently you only have these options:

  • Conditional visibility
  • custom widgets

There is a ‘planned’ Idea for conditional classes though:

There is a possibility in datagrids to style based on attribute as the attribute is part of the dom node attributes. But that does not help in your case.

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use the Enum Class widget =>


Hope it will be helpful!


Well the first option is used a lot. This however indeed has it's downside's, espacially when you do this a lot on big pages.

An other option would be to use a widget like the css selector helper: 


Thanks for your responses. 

I couldn’t get EnumClass to work, although it looked promising and very flexible.

Found out about Dynamic Classes as a possible solution in the idea thread mentioned by Fabian ( , which worked and was easy to use. The only downside is that the class can only be applied to the parent, although that was I wanted anyway.