Building custom login page with default UI

Hi there,   I’m building a custom login page that allows anonymous users to register before they can log in. I am using the Authentication Widgets in the modeler. My problem is, how do I retain the default UI from the existing login page and is there any security concerns for building a custom login page this way?   Kind regards Jean
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I think retaining the default style from login.html / login.css can be a hassle, not sure how to go about that when trying to design the new page in Mendix. You could look at the structure and try to rebuild it with grids and containers and use the same classes. Then rewrite your login.css to a _login.scss (SASS) file and have it compiled with Calypso so the styling is incorperated in your main css.

Be careful when allowing anonymous users to your project. Set up your authorization in a separate module and only give your anonymous users access to that module to prevent security issues.