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Hello Guys, I have created the Navigation tree menu widget and its consist of some input data’s. I need to give some rich look on it , how we can achieve it ??? I tried like this below class and its not working  To change the navigation styling i update navigationbar.scss / navigationtree.scss files. Created like this in  project directory > theme\styles\web\sass\core\helpers.   In project directory > theme\styles\web\sass\app i create same folder(s) structure that we see in theme\styles\web\sass\core and add the .scss file(s) (e.g. if we want to update styles in navigatintree.scss than i  create helper folder in theme\styles\web\sass\app and created new scss file navigationtree.scss. Than update navigationtree like the below class .region-sidebar .mx-navigationtree .navbar-inner>ul>li a:hover { color: #fff; background-color: #2d3642; }   but still how its not working ???? The below one is my navigation ui….  
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Do you see any change in your application? If not you should use the @import function to import your custom scss files in the _custom.scss.