Mendix Capabilities and Limitations for UI Customization

I am quite new to Mendix Development and I was analyzing front end design capabilities of Mendix platform. Can I please ask Mendix Community to share their real-time experience related to UI Customization. It will be great help if you can share your experience in the following areas: Best Practices to be considered for UX/UI Designing and customization at Mendix side? To what extent UI customization can be done? Can we modify HTML dom structure of pages as till now I could only see a way to modify CSS? How good it will be have custom widgets on my pages?    It will be really great if someone can help me on these lines. I have already gone through some of the learning path modules related to UX/UI design. But I am looking for the some real time experience which mendix developers might have encountered. Thanks in advance!! :)
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I think you could take a look for the Academy are. There are some trainings which could help you answering these questions.