Dialog scrollbar only appears when resizing dialog window

Hi, I’ve been stumbling upon a very annoying issue which I cannot seem to fix. I am trying to create a pop-up with a listview, but when the listview exceeds the size of the dialog window, there will be no scrollbar. I try to force the scrollbar to be visible, but then it looks disabled. It seems like it is not recognizing the actual size of the listview. An example (don’t mind the styling, still a WIP): As soon as I try to resize the dialog, the correct scrollbar appears and I can scroll down: Does anyone have an idea what this behaviour is and how I can fix it? I want to have the scrollbar active when the list exceeds the size of the dialog, but it seems like it is not doing this automatically. Best regards, Hendrik
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Had the same problem. Manage to fix with below three lines. Third line is for dataview with buttons in foot.

.mx-window-content { max-height: 95vh;}
.mx-window-body {height: auto !important;}
.mx-window-body .mx-dataview-content {height: auto !important; max-height: calc(95vh - 135px); overflow: auto;}