Spreading Columns Over Pages

Hi All, I am importing a DB with around 20 colums. All of these are imported into a single page and become too narrow to be visible. How is it possible to spread these across couple pages. Here is a picture, I can see there is 1 to 10 option on the top right. So essentially i would want to have 1 to 5 first and when we press the arrows to the right, make it 5 to 10 etc. A right to left (horizontal) scrolling option would do as well. Thanks already, Kris
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Put the datagrid into a container, give that container “overflow-x: scroll;”, and change the width of the datagrid to a static amount. You’ll need to tinker with the width to make it a good size to show all of the columns.

The datagrid’s paging and search functions will probably need to be changed too to allow for them to stay visible to the user.



for the rows you can click on the datagrid, you will have the number of rows, put the number to 5. 


If it is for the column, i guess there is no easy way to do it, maybe you can create several pages, in the first page display datagrid of 5 column, on the other page datagrid of 5 other column etc… 

but when you will pass to a page on another you will loose the pagination state, if you know that you will not have a lot of rows you can set the number of rows to 100 for example.  

if you can have a lot of rows, i guess you will have to add a bit of javascript to make it works