Line chart with atlas ui brand colors

Hi, I’m making a dashboard metrics page with a line chart. I want the line color to match the brand color used in atlas ui.  You can change the color in the line chart widget, however this is fixed and I need to change it in a multi-tenant environment. Is there a way to change the link color in css or? Regards, Wilfried  
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Hi Wilfred,

Styling charts works a bit differently in Mendix. You can follow this howto to style any chart through a json file in your theme folder.

However, that will not let you use the SCSS brand variables. If you really want to use these brand colors from Atlas UI, you could target the HTML elements which should change color and put that styling in `theme/web/sass/app/custom.scss`. Keep in mind, that these HTML elements are SVG, which means the CSS properties are called different sometimes. Example: `background-color` is called `fill` for SVG elements.