How to get the input value into the java script snippet

Hi , I am using JavaScript Snippet in page and i am giving class name , now the snippet is working fine but i want to get the value what was entered on the page . I am unable to retrieve the value using class name . Options i selected in widget is enable Jquery : jquery1.12.4 enable refresh : yes     
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Just to be clear – you’re trying to capture the value of a Mendix input field into your JS code?

If so, you want to look at this, I think

Since you’re searching on class, you’d need to query using document.getElementsByClassName("example")[0], assuming you ensure that the class is only used once in that page.

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using the set attribute widget from the app store and then by creating the set attributes you cna give the desired values to the desired variables in your javascript snippet



I am unable to get the values entered in the input text field in mendix page into java script snippet .

I also want the the selected boolean value in mendix page into the java script 

I am using the JavaScript Snippet

Please find the below screen shots 




The java script i have written in this is as below 



alert('hi ');

alert('class names ------ '+this.className);

alert('entered value '+$(this).val());




I am getting class name as form-group mx-name-textBox4 cityName in alert box and i am not getting any entered value . 


i also tried $(‘.myclassName’).val();


but the O/P is not coming 




Use the Javascript widget (Data source) instead.

In the widget you can define a variable, associated to the relevant attribute, let's say ‘varX’.

Then the only thing you have to do for using this variable in the JS is (for example):

var value = "${varX}";
if (value.length > 99) {
  // some magic
else {
  // some other magic

By the way: using of JQuery is not recommended, and certainly not v1.12.4