Adding custom CSS class in text box pluggable widget

Hi, I need to add custom css class to the pluggable textbox widget. I have added custom cs's class name in appearance tab, but it is now working. Is that possible to add custom css class in a pluggable textbox widget.
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Yes it is possible but you need to use the react way to style the element inside your widget.

css file:

.myCustomClass {

width: 100px;

heigth: 100px


in your component:

<div className=”myCustomClass”></div>

or you could style inline:

<div style={{ width: “100px”, heigth: “100px”}}> </div>

using inline styling you need to pass the style as an object.


note that you also can use Mendix style classes in your widget:

<input type=”text” style=”mx-btn” />