Reference selector change triggers OCH of another reference selector ( same association)

Hi   In 8.6 we encounter an issue whereby we have two reference selectors (1,2)  where you can choose an object over the same association (different selectable object constraints). Selector 1 has an on change mf behind. When you change the selector 2 (over same association but without an on change mf) the on change mf of reference selector 1 is triggered. Seen there is no OCH in  selector 2, we dont want that the OCH of selector 1 is triggered. It is also not logical, even that it is over the same association. It feels like a bug, but wondering whether some faced same issue? Tried different things like eliminating conditional visibilities, unsnippeting (the block), different pages… a workaround is to add an seperate association but too impactful for now.
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Does the microflow have a Commit or Change action with Refresh in Client set to Yes?  If so, can you switch this to no and see if the issue still happens?