Conditional Visibility of table

I have a page where there is a “view” button and only after clicking on that button a table show appear below it which contains all the data. Until and unless “view” button is not clicked, table should not be visible. I am not sure how I can achieve this. Can anyone provide some insights that how can we achieve this?
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Is it an option to simply put the table in a group box? That way the user can expand it when they want to view the table.

Other options:

  • Open the table in a seperate window / pop-up screen
  • Use the “view” button to set an attribute to a different value, and use this value as conditional visibility for the table and refresh the page. 

Hey Piyush – 

  1. define a non-persistant helper object (“searchresults”) with a 1...* relation to a flight object.
  2. Please use “call microflow” as an action behind your button.
  3. create a microflow “searchflights” with the two parameters.
  4. make a decision: result count > 0  → create helper object, link the results to your helper object and open new page with the helper object passed.
    The new page has a data view of the helper object and a data grid with the retrieved flight objects in between.
    If the result count = 0, open a different page with just a text in it regretting the miserable airline offerings.


It this works for you, please mark it as an “answer”. Thanks, Boris