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Support for CSS Paged Media in PDF document generation


The PDF generation module is a highly valuable addition to the Mendix marketplace. This module allows you to create and generate PDFs using Mendix's headless browser service.

However, it lacks some important features that could be added through a so-called polyfill. This would provide access to paged media CSS functions, which are essential for producing professional documents. Some examples of these features include:

An example of a paid service that already offers these features is An open-source alternative is PagedJS, which we have successfully tested within the Mendix environment. The only downside is that this approach prevents us from using the Mendix PDF generation module, as it renders the document in the user's browser.


In conclusion, it would be beneficial if the PDF generation module could support polyfills such as PagedJS, thereby enabling support for paged media CSS level 3 in combination with the benefits of the PDF generation module.

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