Navigate inside entity objects

Hi All, I am working on an application , where i have list of questions that need to be answered by user . I have all the question created already in a Master Entity and i am using this entity to show questions on a page where i have a template grid (4*4) showing all question number and data view (listing to list view ) to show the correspond questions . Now i have option to click on question numbers to show the question on right in a data view but i want a button also which will navigate me through the question. Like i am on question 1 and i click next and move to question 2 .    Is their any way by which i can achieve this ?    Thanks
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You can try doing the following

  1. In your entity you must have some attribute that determines the order of the question
  2. Develop two buttons in dataview (previous and next)
  3. When pressing the next button, retrieve the current object in dataview, 
  4. Based on the order from the object, get the question with next order, pass it to the dataview and refresh it.
  5. I already have my doubts on this, but this is for you to try


Another option to try would be

  1. Try having a template grid showing all details of questions and limit the items shown to 1 with pagination enabled.
  2. But you can not have listen to widget option working between two template grids.