Install and use theme from App Store

Hello there, I cannot apply a them downloaded from the App Store. Theme is Silver Linings, available at: Apparently, it uses the deprecated approach of ZIP files, but according to the message below in Studio Pro, it should still work: So after setting that up in the project, I try to go any of my existing pages and change the layout to one that says “Silver Linings ...”, but there is none. The same applies if I try to create a new page: Please, what am I missing? I have already tried: Hitting F4 in Studio Pro Closing and reopening Studio Pro Deselecting Atlas from “UI Resources Package” combo box   Studio version 8.12.1
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these theme files are incompatible with 8.x


Hey, Rene.

Thanks for the help.

Do you know if a theme generated nowadays from the UI Framework Theme Creator will also be incompatible?

Also, please how did you detect they are incompatible? The theme itself only states Requires: 6.0.1 or higher