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HI Experts,   I have a case where I want to add values to the attribute in the Domain Model under the Entity “System” for the Name attribute.     However, this attribute will have multiple values like (ERP, MES,PLM...) and the “System_Art” entity has an attribute System_Type which has to be selected based on the System Name selected in the previous entity. This is the concept of Constrained By. I however have also configured the form as below.     And as per the documentation, I have also configured the Second reference selector source as Xpath and set the constrained by    How do I enter the values for the attributes since this functionality does not support Enumeration type? Kindly assist.   Regards Anirudh
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What you need to keep in mind with such a setup is that it’s different from working with enums. You don’t need to configure the different options in Studio Pro, as there’s no predefined list of options available from the system. All your entries will come from the database. 

So for example say I have Category and SubCategory as entities. I create Category Vehicle and Building. If I then create a SubCategory Car, I can choose to set it to be associated with the Vehicle Category.  What this does it when you then select a Category, the constrained by option will restrict which SubCategory entries become visible based on what you configured in the admin. So in this case it would only show Car as option for SubCategory.

Regarding your situation:

  • Make sure you have admin-reachable pages where you can create entries for System and System_Art after running your app. Start out with adding entries for System. Then, whenever you create an entry for System_Art, you can choose to which System entry it belongs. Thereby creating the structure you’re looking for. 
  • Also, ditch the two constraints for ERP and AKS that you added; the constraining path should suffice

Hi Dennis,


Is there also a possibility to have two bootstrap multiselection feature for this domain model?


The current implementation is where I have configured one multiselect feature as in below


The out put is 


However, I would like also to have a multiselect feature for the “System” dropdown where the user can select multiple values in the list.



Is this possible?