can we import data from word or pdf file.

Hii, I have one button for browse file from computer, if I select file and save the grid then it will read all data from selected word or pdf file and added in the corresponding table. for example I have one grid for attach file    where one buttone named as “Browse file for attaching content to class” if I fill all details and select file and click on save button then all the details are shown in table like    all the content which file consist is appended in content of endorsment. for eg file consist of following type of content    so my quetion is can we copy all content of file into corresponding table or there is any other ways to do these type of quetions.
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A PDF or Word document contains unstructured data, and cannot be imported into tables directly, unlike an Excel for example. Looks like you would like to copy the text from the document and save it as a string in your database? There are API's out there that try to provide the functionality you are after, so perhaps that's something you could try? 

Else you could store the entire document in a fileDocument entity and show the document itself in your app. for instance by using the documentviewer widget.