Scroll container is not working

Hi, I  am getting data from the REST endpoint and I have data in JSON,   I am showing JSON data in table format.  Now I  have a 15 number of columns with data so I used 2 list views, the first one is for displaying Headers(Column Name) and the second is for displaying values. Now the problem is I am getting 8 number of columns in 1 row and others are getting down (means remaining columns are showing in 2nd row). I added both list view inside the scroll container as shown in Screenshot,  but the horizontal scroll bar is not working in this case. As shown in the below screenshot.       I  want a solution like all the columns should be shown in 1 row. Can anyone suggest to me?   Thanks in Advance    
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Horizontal scroll cannot be achieved with a scroll container.

This widget is used to specify regions in your page with different scroll behavior when content overflows the length of the region(s).

Horizontal scroll can be achieved using custom CSS. Something like this

class: lv-col-0

width: 2000px; (width size to be defined according to your own spec)

Not perfect yet, but have to leave you some work yourself ;-)