Native list view page size not working

I have added list view widget on a native app page and set its page size to 1. But it is still showing all the data and not limiting it to specified page size. How to limit number of objects shown in list view using database source?  Mendix 9.8.2
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Not in a database source at least. You could use a nanoflow datasource and retrieve from database using a limit. Unless your listview is filled using objects associated to a parent object (dataview). If that is the case, which I have run into way too many times, download my NanoflowCommonsItvisors module from the Marketplace. You may use the GetOffline… JS actions to get your result. A bit more work for the developer but way more flexibility. Actually still waiting on Mendix to allow us in a native app to retrieve from database and use an association in the constraint. Until that is supported in the platform, the JS actions will help.