UI Styling on Dropdowns and Text boxes

Hi all We have a native app that uses dropdowns, reference selectors and text boxes for search on most pages. The standard UI for these takes up a lot of screen space so we’d like to reduce their height as much as possible to allow for more data to be displayed on the page. Can anyone please point me in the direction of which style files to edit and the CSS for changing the height of these UI elements? Many thanks in advance!
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There is a nice guide in the documentation here:



Basically you can find what you need in the theme\native\custom-variables.js file. Copy what you need from there and use it to create your own styling in a new file. I think it's probably only the padding that you want changed?


you can “inspect” the element on a web browser (even this is a native). And inspecting you can check what file and class you need to change or override.